The 2001 Concierge Christmas Party

Rasa, Marketing Director: The Best of the Wine Country

Jim O'Shea,Sterling Vineyards & Kathy, Mumm Cuvee' Napa

Jim O'shea, Sterling Vineyards

Heather & Chris, Lake Sonoma

Stephen & Kathleen, Rodney Strong Winery

Elisa, Louis Martini Winery

Bob & Wife from Merryvale Vineyards

Steve & Wife from Rutherford Hill Winery Stephanie (white shirt) from Tower Tours

Steve, Rutherford Hill Winery

Marcia, Harvest Inn

Jim O'shea entertaining a table

Jim O'shea, Judy, Stacy, Debbie (L to R)

Ali, Chief Concierge Sheraton Palace Michael, Stanford Court (VP of NCCA)

Melanie & daughter Celia, GM Tower Tours

Lalit, Publisher: The Best of the Wine Country Melanie & daughter Celia, GM Tower Towers; David Jones, Tower Tours. (L to R)

Party shot

David & Jonathan, Tower Tours (L to R)

Lalit raffling for Harvest Inn Prize with Marcia

Marcia & the Winner

Lalit & Stacy with the spa package winner

Lalit & Stacy with another winner

Lalit & Elisa with a winner

Lalit & Chris with Jackie the winner

Lalit, Publisher: The Best of the Wine Country Kathy, Mumm Cuvee Napa

Lalit & Kathy and the winner

Lalit & Jim O'shea raffling

Anthea with prize

Lalit & Kathleen raffling

Lalit & Bob raffling

Party shot

Party shot

Melanie singing

Scott Macintosh President, Northern California Concierge Association, Chief Concierge Marriott Downtown SF

Laurie, Chateau St. Jean