Ritz Carlton Concierge
Our company arranged this Concierge to visit our following clients:
BV, Sutter Home Winery, Napa River Inn

    From: "Ritz Carlton Concierge
    To: <lalit@econcierges.com>
    Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2003 7:14 PM
    Subject: Re: Wine Country trip


    Once again, you arranged for a perfect time in Napa!!

    First we went to Beaulieu. We were immediately greeted by Michelle Smedley and Glenn Hunter. Michelle gave us a very informative tour and poured us some really fantastic reserve wines (we bought a great bottle). She was so warm and friendly; we had a hard time breaking away to continue on with the day! I learned a lot; I did not know that BV had such a rich history!

    We then proceed on to Sutter Home where we met Dennis Fagundes. After we tasted the wines he poured, I realized that there is much more to Sutter Home than one might think at first. He introduced us to the Trinchero label and I was impressed with how good they were; Dennis gave us a bottle of Mario's Reserve Cabernet, which was promptly enjoyed that evening!!

    Last on the list for wine tasting was Merryvale with Jennifer Tisa. I had heard about the Cask Room before but never had seen it; it was so beautiful! Definitely a good thing to recommend if anyone needs to hold a private event in Napa. We had some awesome wines here, too, and a great time chatting with Jennifer. A very nice way to end the day.

    After all that wine tasting we were ready to relax, so we headed for the Napa River Inn. It was so charming; our room had so many great features: incredible clawfoot tub, dual showers, fireplace, beautiful hardwood floors (we later learned that those very floors had once been the floor of a skating rink!!)and a rich decor. I loved it! In the morning I met Lisa Koester who gave us the grand tour of the whole property. The food venues were so cute, they had a little general store and everything. After seeing several of the rooms, I decided that my favorite was the type of room I stayed in. The following weekend at work I referred a guest there who booked for Saturday night.

    Lalit, thank you for always setting up very special appointments and visits for me in Wine Country. It really helps me when I chat with my guests as they head up to Napa/Sonoma. The better informed I am, the better I can assist them!

    I have started printing out the tasting coupons from our special webpage that you have set up. I am hoping that my guests are taking advantage of it (I am encouraging it!)! Do you rotate different wineries on the site? I think it's a great thing you started, and I'll continue to use it!!

    Hope you are having a great week!

    Warm regards,
    Concierge ~ Ritz Carlton San Francisco